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Methods of measuring production of your aggregate plant

Methods of measuring production of your aggregate plant

Mine Operations
Oct 18, 2022
Robert Smith
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There are many ways to measure the production of your aggregate plant. Each method has its own pros and cons. We are going to dive into the various ways to measure production from your aggregate plant

1) Load cell based belt scale

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A belt scale is used to measure and report flow rates and totalized amounts of materials being transported. The weight of the material transported is determined by weighing the belt load and measuring the belt speed.

2) Optical based volumetric scanner

An optic belt scale is a contact free volumetric scanner. Using the LIDAR laser technology, it effectively scans the material crossing the conveyor belt with about 1mm accuracy. Whether your conveyor is stationary or on tracked equipment, you can rely on the precise production data unaffected by external conditions.
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3) Drone LIDAR pile scans

Using drones to calculate stockpile volumes makes it easy to compare your current stockpile volumes to previous surveys. With geo-referenced images captured by a drone flying above your worksite, you can generate a 3D map of your site with measurements accurate to 1/10ft (3cm).
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