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Site Specific Hazard Training & Visitor Management

Site Specific Hazard Training & Visitor Management

Mar 7, 2022
Jon Smith
Managing visitors at your mining operation can be challenging. There are safety and msha compliance considerations with visitors at your mine. Contractors and visitors that may be exposed to mining hazards need to complete site specific hazard training before entering the mining operation. This training is valid for 1 year.
Using Mining Sentry visitors that come onto your facility scan a barcode to take them to the training. After watching the training and being approved by management they can sign in and out freely with the app. When visitors sign in, email and text alerts can be sent out to notify your team that there is a visitor on site.
If there is blasting on site or an emergency, visitors can be contacted quickly and effectively.

Easy to use sign in app

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Comprehensive details of visitors and activity

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